In the area of software building, there is no age for learning. On Lewagon community the program of learning is made to suit individuals of all ages. The construction of teaching is so fluid that no matter the level of one’s brain, knowledge can still be acquired on web development. Just take a look at a how a day goes on at Lewagon from morning lectures to evening workshops.

Fresh morning lectures

Every morning starts with an engaged and interactive lectures session where you communicate while learning. The system of teaching is softened for all people of all ages. You have the opportunity to comment every statement and ask questions for clarifications on any shady area. From here you can put whatever you have learned into practice.

Motivating challenges

Come together in group with your classmates and work on a series of challenges in programming. Take those challenging series that seem impossible and overcome them with your mates. This work is designed to help you flow in the language of web programming.

Energize with yoga

Knowing the urge demand of energies and concentration that the learning process of web programming demands, Lewagon has put into place a yoga session between 4:30 and 5:30 pm to relax and strengthen you for better performance. So you don’t have to worry about pressure or tiredness, everything is made for you to be at the top while learning.

Take the live code

Here you take a look back to your daily challenges, regarding what you have learned and what you have struggled with and profit from there to get an overview of the upcoming lessons. Take a step further even in doing more research and conquer your ignorance.

Participate in talks

In Lewagon community your inspiration is always at the top thanks to the many advices that you receive successful entrepreneurs during the exclusive talks and workshops’ session. Here you have the possibility to ask questions in order to know how many started. You will get typical secrets on how to create a startup at any age and how to make it work.

Learning web development with Lewagon is not a matter of age as you can see, to learn to code more, just visite our website.