The field of development is a recurring field at present. This is easy to understand when you know how important the digital world is. Almost everyone is connected to the web at all times constantly exchanging information, products or services. It is then a world that no entrepreneur can easily underestimate. Of course, in order to be able to interact well with this world, it will be necessary to create websites and in the process, use specialized tools in the development of web applications. One of the most used in the field is ruby. In addition, it is accessible to all.

Why choose ruby?

Be aware that many people and many professionals like rubysavvy have chosen ruby ​​for its many advantages always focused in an easy but effective work. Clearly, ruby ​​is an object-oriented, multiparadigm and open source scripting language. This is what makes it accessible to anyone who wants to use it. The strength of this language resides essentially in its framework namely ruby ​​on rails or ror for the intimates. The latter has features that greatly facilitate development work. Thus, it is possible for any developer to create innovative and efficient websites while being quick in the process. It is based on two fundamental principles that ROR achieves these results. These principles are the DRY or do not repeat yourself that centers all the elements in one place and the convention over configuration which avoids too much to linger on the details since the work will follow a specific configuration.

How to install ruby ​​on windows?

Once Ruby is chosen as a development tool, the next step will be to install it. On Windows, the rubyinstaller project will guarantee a simple and fast approach. This software will contain a ruby ​​runtime environment as well as a basic rubygems set and all necessary extensions.

During the installation process, you will need to launch the program, check the download section, choose the desired version and then click on the .exe link. The download will follow its course. Once the installation is complete, it will be enough to launch the program and that's all.