Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to talk about web without mentioning SEO. Also, PHP is one of the most used languages in web application development. How can we reconcile these two universes which seem so distinct? What impact does using PHP have on your SEO strategy? We tell you everything.

Can using PHP impact to your SEO?

PHP is one of the most widely used languages on the web, so it is naturally understood by different bots, like other programming languages like JavaScript or ASP. However, some PHP scripts such as non-optimized URL generation, header management and son can harm your SEO good. It is therefore important that PHP programmer have some SEO culture in order not to produce blocking scripts. Today, any good web application developer must take into account the basics of SEO in order to propose seo-friendly applications. Combining SEO and PHP is possible insofar as solution integrators possess the basics of SEO. Otherwise, PHP developers can work in close collaboration with a SEO specialist for producing website that meet search engine standards.

SEO or the way to be visible on the web

Developing websites is fine, but being visible to the target audience is even better. This is where the SEO comes in. This is a discipline that allows you to be well positioned on the search engines, especially Google. Nevertheless, in order to achieve this result, certain rules must be respected. Indeed, for a page to be considered by search engines, it must adhere to the standards of HTML writing. Its structure must therefore be just in order to be taken into account by the search engine robots. But, it's not all, other parameters such as content quality, relevance of the keywords or even the number and quality of the backlinks can influence website SEO. That is why, even using a web language like PHP, you must pay attention to the development of script that can become SEO blocking factors.