There are more and more e-shopping websites. We are living a real digital transition, and from now on everything happens on the web. That is why it became essential to distinguish yourself from the competition. So you absolutely have to provide a continuous service on your website, because the users do not like to waste their time waiting a simple page display. And to manage your business online, you have to choose the right server for your website.

Which kind of server choose

The server is an essential part of your business online. Indeed, without it, your website is completely unable to function by itself. The server receives all the requests made by the users, and it answers it by displaying the page they asked for. There are two main kinds of server. The first one, which is called share server, hosts not only yours but several websites. So it usually is slowlier than a dedicated server. This kind of server hosts only one website. If you choose it, all its resources will be entirely dedicated to the management of your website. So it is very faster than a shared server. That is why you should choose a dedicated server, especially if your website generates a lot of traffic.

Protect your website from hackers

Once you have chosen your server, you have to be particularly careful about hacking. The most popular attack on the web is called ddos attack : the hackers try to block the access to your website by flooding it under a massive traffic. So your website becomes inaccessible, and this breakdown causes millions of dollars of losses every year. To protect your website from ddos attacks, you can host it on an offshore server. You also can subscribe a Koddos Anti DDOS protection : your traffic is monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to detect and eliminate all the potential ddos attacks.