These last years, php programming has been one of the most interesting items to learn for many of us. But in other side, more are also those which are opted for SEO learning. And nowadays, people are now searching for the best way to combine both.

About php and SEO

As known, php is a language used by php developer, in a way to turn a static webpage or website into a dynamic one. Anyway, it is also a great way to perform a powerful web application, such as those which are already daily used by people and seen on the web. By this way, most of websites found on the web nowadays are all already running under php. However, it is also an error to neglect the importance of the SEO. Anyway, SEO is ensuring the website to be easily found by the search engine, while people are searching for. This method only depends on the keywords made on the website relative to the keyword search on the search engine.

Integrate SEO on php programming

Many people ignore that it is really possible to integrate SEO while php programming or developing a web site or a web application. Anyway, they are both a specific job to perform for most of the people, but for some, they can be performed at the same time, in a way to gain more time. By this way, php programmer is integrating SEO while coding, in optimizing each keyword, in order to make them easier to find by each search engine. However, this optimization is also able for social media search engine, or by advertisement, and it is true that it is practicable to perform these modifications while coding the website.

This method has always existed, however, people has just ignored it, even if it is easy to perform. Anyway, while knowing this, more of php developer are now opting for this nowadays.