Nowadays, it is essential for all companies wishing to make stand out in their field, be it independent companies or SMEs, to have its own website. Competition is no longer only in real life but also on the internet. In Indeed, it is even more tough on Google that it has become important to be well positioned on keywords. All trades positioning is so easily in the SERP. This is necessary to acquire new customers. This is why it is imperative to have the basics on SEO to earn more.

SEO in a nutshell

SEO is a strategy respecting specific standards of optimizing a siteweb so that he can have a good position in search engines like Google with key phrases that people tap on the search engine. Many factors for a site to be naturally well referenced in Google. Rules are imposed to make it so that the pages can be indexed correctly following the theme of the site and keywords. The problem lies in the ability to separate quality pages to those that do not provide information to users or poor in content. The goal is to create a site for SEO Friendly backlisté and not be penalized by Google.

Learn SEO with us

Doityourselfseooptimize offers many courses tailored to your needs to help you gain maximum visibility in search engines and thus make a good return for your business. These training intra and inter company are available at very competitive prices so that everyone can enjoy it. In the past, you'll discover all aspects of SEO from the mode of search engine optimization of your website not to mention the analysis of the site in question, the leverage points and areas to improve further. It is also possible to follow a training on the audit of a website of your request and your needs.